Epsilon Tau Chapter at Clemson University

Kappa Delta

Our Officers

Steffi Johnson


Hello everyone! My name is Steffi Johnson, and I am a Junior majoring in Early Childhood Education from Chapin, SC. I am so excited to be the President of Kappa Delta this year! I previously served on council as Secretary, and I am thrilled to be leading our chapter in an even greater and more impactful way in 2019. Serving as President is a great privilege as I have the honor of representing an intelligent, driven, involved, diverse, and inspiring group of girls. I am so blessed to be able to serve on council two years in a row and give back to a chapter that means so much to me. Through KD, I have gained lifelong friends who make me wish I could press rewind and start it all over again! Kappa Delta has helped me grow as an individual, a friend, a leader, a sister, and a member of my community. Our Epsilon Tau chapter is so special – from each incredible sister that came before us to the many more to come. I am excited and ready to lead our chapter through a year of success and achievement with my wonderful council alongside me!

Peyton Rogers

Vice President Member Education

Hey y’all my name is Peyton! I’m a sophomore Graphic Communications major from Greenville, SC. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to serve Epsilon Tau this year. I am pumped to help lead our new members through their transition into being a KD. I will also be continuing the chapters ritual and education programs. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store! AOT!!!

Elle Petyak

Vice President Membership

Hey guys! My name is Elle Petyak and I am a junior from Charleston, SC. I am a Biological Sciences major, hoping to go to medical school after graduate! I am so honored to be chosen to serve as VP Membership for ET this year. It is very special to get to represent our 200 beautiful, driven, confident sisters! I love absolutely recruitment! There is quite nothing like getting to share our sisterhood and how meaningful KD is to us to all the PNMs every year. I can't wait to watch all of our new members run down the hill to us on Bid Day! MTRCKD!

  • Email: epetyak@clemson.edu
  • Hometown: Charleston, SC
  • Major: Biological Sciences, Public Health Certificate

Carol Capps

Vice President Operations

Hello my name is carol! I’m a junior majoring in economics. In my spare time I love to run and play soccer. In the past I’ve been the pace chair and the co social chair! I’m so excited to serve as vp-o to continue to serve my sorority.

Sydney Tindall

Vice President Community Service

Hi y’all! I’m Sydney Tindall, a Chinese and International Business major from Chattanooga, Tennessee! I am also a Nonprofit Leadership minor, which is one reason I was so drawn to joining Kappa Delta and becoming the Vice President of Community Service. One day I hope to be working in an international trade position or working in the nonprofit sector. Maybe both, as long as I am surrounded by people! This passion for service and for others was what led me to finding my home in KD and even more so in pursuing greater involvement with our philanthropies within KD. I am incredibly honored to lead our chapter in this position not only for the betterment of our sisters but even more so for the betterment of our greater community. I am so passionate about living for others, and this position and this chapter have heightened and expanded that passion for me with countless opportunities! I’m so grateful for this opportunity as VP-CS and truly cannot imagine my life without the wonderful influence that Kappa Delta, my sisters, and our philanthropies have had on me. AOT and Go Tigers!!!

  • Email: stindal@g.clemson.edu
  • Hometown: Chattanooga, TN
  • Major: Chinese and International Business, Nonprofit Leadership minor

Jorgine Vick

Vice President Public Relations

Hey everyone! My name is Jorgine Vick and I am a Graphic Communications major and Business Administration minor from Arnold, Maryland. I am absolutely thrilled to be serving on council this term alongside some of the best leaders I have encountered. My job as the Vice President of Public Relations is to ensure we are showing the Clemson community what an incredible chapter we are! In Kappa Delta, I truly feel lucky to be surrounded by the most genuine, loving, fun, hardworking, goofy, and ambitious girls; it is my job to make sure everyone else sees just how awesome they are.

  • Email: jvick@g.clemson.edu
  • Hometown: Arnold, MD
  • Major: Graphic Communications, Business Administration minor

Syd Langley

Vice President Standards

Hey y'all! My name is Syd Langley and I am a junior from Charleston, SC. I am currently studying Economics and Finance and hope to working in the banking industry after I graduate. I feel so honored to be able to serve on Kappa Delta's council this year, and give back to an organization that has formed my college experience here at Clemson. As Vice President of Standards, my job is to ensure that all of our sisters represent themselves and the chapter as the compassionate, intelligent and successful women we are. Epsilon Tau is truly a remarkable chapter, and I cannot wait to see what this year has in store.

Sarah Berger


Hey everyone! I’m Sarah Berger and I’m a Business Management Major from Orlando, FL. I’m am so honored to have the opportunity to serve on council for Kappa Delta this year! Kappa Delta has such an amazing group of intelligent, involved, and driven girls who I feel so blessed to serve. As Secretary, it is my priority to communicate all information to the chapter efficiently and with transparency in order to keep every member informed and involved! I will forever be thankful to Kappa Delta for giving me my lifelong best friends, opportunities to better myself, and the ability to grow in my confidence. I can only hope to utilize my position in order to continue Kappa Delta in reaching its goals and push an already incredible chapter to be the best it can be!

Ansley Fleming

Vice President Finance

Hey guys, I'm Ansley Fleming! I am a sophomore at Clemson majoring in Accounting. I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. Couldn't be more thrilled to serve my chapter as VP-F! As VP-F, I am responsible for all the finances of Epsilon Tau and I help ensure that each of Kappa Delta's events are paid for and within budget. I love getting to play a vital role in the success of our chapter and I can't wait to serve this year on council!

Murphy Yoxall

Panhellenic Delegate

Hi everyone, I'm Murphy! I am from Dallas, Texas and I am currently a Nursing Major. After I graduate, I would love to move to a third world country for two years and work as a nurse and then return home and work in pediatrics. This year I have the amazing opportunity and privilege to act as your Panhellenic Delegate. This means I am the middle man between Kappa Delta and the Panhellenic community as a whole. I represent our chapter at Panhellenic meetings every week and in the Greek community at large. Serving on council thus far has been such an amazing opportunity. Our sisters of Kappa Delta push me to be a better leader and person everyday, and I am always inspired and shocked by how amazing our chapter has become. I am so proud to be your Panhellenic Delegate, but more proud to be a sister of the Epsilon Tau chapter of Kappa Delta. I love our sorority, and I am so excited to work for all of you this upcoming year to make Kappa Delta even better than it already is!

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